Chaos is a new international theatre festival that appeared in the centre of Siberia, in the city of Novosibirsk, that includes actual art performances in its call board. We, the Chaos team, set the task of making you acquainted with theatres whose principle is to work in different art and organisation systems, governmental and independent, and to refer themselves to contemporary art ideas. Also, we are focused on the maximum involvement of city space into a theatrical play, so don't be surprised if you see Chaos in some not only traditional places.

Stary Dom Novosibirsk Drama Theatre became the starting site of Chaos not accidentally. It has been consistently implementing some artistic endeavours opening new texts and alternative theatrical methods for performance creation for over ten years.

Why Chaos?

There is some significant initial value of chaos-concept in modern performance formulas: actual theatre is a live, mobile structure that reacts quickly to what is happening in the world and bearing new ideas and meanings on stage. Theatrical Chaos is not just what is difficult to fit into usual boarders of ideas and perceptions, it is also what will help you learn the life from a new perspective, from the position of a unique author's vision.

What is an actual theatre?

We find the topicality zone reference in the twenty years of the new century. Site-specific, immersive and documentary theatre as an integral part of the repertoire, the language of computer and multimedia technologies are the trends you cannot skip when talking about the reality of the new theatre. Practice confirmed that they are the most suitable instruments for artists to ponder freely on modern consciousness, in all forms of the present time – unpredictably and honestly. They renew the authenticity of the actor, tear us off the usual theatre seats, mix the roles of the author and the spectator, include gadgets and the Internet into the artistic communication process. That is the experience you will be offered by Chaos.

How can we understand the present day theatre?

We will immerse you into "dark matter" of a theatre experiment, but will not leave you face-to-face with it (unless you want it!). The chaos concept invites you to pondering on the art and its place in our common life. The festival program includes public talks, a spectator conference, a school of theatre bloggers and free discussions. The festival will combine opinions of professional critics, Internet community and the audience.

Why Novosibirsk and what will result from Chaos?

We would like to expand the borders of the existing theatre context of the Novosibirsk city that has already become famous for such stage forums as Christmas

Festival of Arts and Trans-Siberian Art Festival. Now Novosibirsk has to establish itself as a place of development of not only traditional arts but of the 21st century art, to show itself to be young, creative, modernizer that does not want to stop developing. Novosibirsk science and inter-disciplinary practices infusing dynamics, progress, the feeling of constantly ascending movement and energy to the region. The theatre in Novosibirsk can correspond to these feelings. That is why the Chaos festival will become not only a place for showing ready plays but also a platform for creating integral theatre projects.