Duration — 1:30
Based on Anna Starobinets
Old House Theatre (Bolshevistskaya street, 45)
October 17, 20:00
For the basis of the performance director Yuliya Aug took the stories by Anna Starobinets «Green Pastures» and «The Parasite» from a collection of fascinating stories about changing reality. In this reality, the awakened gene threatens to mold a human pupa either into an angel or a demon. And it is not yet known what will happen to the human consciousness when it becomes possible to digitize it into another being.

List of festivals the production participated at:

  • International Summer Festival of Arts «The Access Point» (Russia, 2017)
  • The Golden Mask National Theatre Award and Festival, non-competition program Maska Plus (Russia, 2018)
  • Theatre of Nations FEST (Russia, 2018)
    Director - Yuliya Aug
    Idea author — Pavel Rudnev

    Timofei Mamlin, Larisa Chernobayeva, Мамлин, Лариса Чернобаева, Виталий Саянок, Александр Вострухин.
    Premiere took place in summer 2017
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