Duration: 3:50
Henrik Ibsen, Linda Dalisi
Old House Theatre (Bolshevistskaya str. 45)
October 16, 17:00
Director - Antonio Latella
Stage and costume designer - Graziella Pepe
Choreographer - Francesco Manetti
Adaptation of the text - Linda Dalisi
Translator of the project - Liana Vinokurova
Assistant director - Anna Zinovyeva

Anatoly Grigoryev, Ian Latyshev, Larisa Chernobaeva, Natalya Nemtseva, Anna Matiushina, Valentina Voroshilova, Sofia Vasileva, Natalya Serkova, Xenia Voitenko, Timofei Mamlin, Vitaly Sayanok, Aleksandr Sharafutdinov
Premiere: 27.02.2014
Special emphasis in the artistic strategy of the Stary Dom Theatre is made on a series of international projects. In 2012, the TRILOGY based on Euripides' plays was staged by Italian director Antonio Latella. In 2014, in the Stary Dom Antonio Latella staged PEER GYNT by Henrik Ibsen, one of the most complex works of world literature.

Peer Gynt is an adventurous character who travels all his life in many different spaces, in his sleep and in reality. The action takes place in Europe, in the United States, on the Moroccan coast of the Mediterranean, in the Sahara desert, in a madhouse in Cairo.

We will see Peer Gynt as a slave trader, as a businessman who hustles in ports, as a Bedouin leader, as a soothsayer and even as an emperor.

Antonio Latella decided to turn this plot into a dizzying and intense journey of the new Gulliver and the new Odyssey who is exploring the world in order to return to his own homeland and to find himself.

List of festivals the production participated at:

  • The performance was included in the Long List of the best performances of Russia in 2014,
  • "Peer Gynt" is a laureate of The Revelation International Festival of Performing Arts (Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2014)
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