Duration: 2 hours
The production of Andrey Prikotenko
Old House Theatre (Bolshevistskaya str. 45)
October 18, 18:30
Director - Andrey Prikotenko
Designer - Olga Shaishmelashvili
Light designer - Igor Fomin
Video designers - Oleg Mikhailov, Konstantin Shchepanovskii
Choreographer - Alexander Andriyashkin
Creative producer - Oxana Efremenko
Sound designers - Alexandra Kirshina, Andrey Shumilov

Anatoly Grigoryev, Ian Latyshev, Larisa Chernobaeva, Sofia Vasileva, Timofei Mamlin, Vitaly Sayanok, Alexandr Vostrukhin, Stanislav Kochetkov, Aleksandr Sharafutdinov
Premiere: 23.03.2018
The classical hero Orestes, the Scandinavian prince Amlethus from the XII century and the Shakespeare's legendary Hamlet, a romantic character from the 16th century - all well-known protagonists of world literature. Protagonists who voluntarily or involuntarily take on the entire world, become lost in themselves and in time and who have to make the most important decision of their respective lives.

The production of Andrey Prikotenko is a riddle and an invitation to its solution at the same time. What will happen if the characters of the famous theatrical plot are sent on a journey through the consciousness of the main character of our day - a sociopath?
How will you react if these characters are deprived of their accustomed frames of existence and forced to fight in verbal (and not only) ironical battles? What do the popular book «The Universe in a Nutshell» and the multimedia reality have to do with it?

The director of the performance Andrey Prikotenko:

"In our performance, a sociopath is a person living in the world of virtual reality, in a kind of nutshell. Why a sociopath? Today it is the most common type. And this type chose the position: he remained interesting only to himself, inside his own world, and completely insensitive to the environment".

List of festivals the production participated at:

  • Sakhalinskaya Rampa (Sakhalin Ramp) Interregional Festival (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia, 2019);
  • Euroregional Theatre Festival Timișoara – TESZT (Timișoara , Romania, 2019);
  • Augenblick mal! Das Festival des Theaters für junges Publikum (Berlin, Germany, 2019);
  • «Proryv», Young theatre director award (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2019);
  • The Golden Mask National Theatre Award and Festival, non-competition program "Maska Plus" (Moscow, Russia, 2019)
  • XIII International Theatre Festival For Children and Youth «MINIFEST» (Russia, 2018);
  • XXIX professional theatre prize «Paradise» (Russia, 2018).
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